Family Guide to Mental Health

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    Hi all,
    I need to know whether alcohol addiction will lead to any mental problem. My father is addicted to alcohol and he is showing intense behavior changes at times. I don’t know what to do with him. We tried a lot to convince him but of no use so as per the advice of our family friend, we are planning to get help from an alcohol addiction treatment center in Vancouver. Will getting such treatment help him to change his behavioral problems? Any thoughts?



    Yes I think it does have an effect.



    Mental problem and addiction are connected?


    Stuart C


    Addiction and mental health are very much linked, but not always the same way in the same people.  Go to CAMH’s website (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health). They are the leading health care institution in Ontario for both mental illness and addiction.  They have tons of material to look at.  In terms of a simple explanation, those suffering from stress, anxiety, depression or just general dissatisfaction might drown their feelings or their problems in the effects of chemicals – whether alcohol or drugs.   Once addicted or regularly using, that will effect their  mood, personality, coping behaviours – which can have an effect on their social, economic and personal health.  It can be a two way street.  Bottom line is, if you can get your family member to cut the ties to the addiction, you may have access and clarity to address other concerns.  Check out CAMH and keep asking questions – the info will help you and your family member.  Hopefully, they are ready to address this, but you bugging them will signal its getting to the time when their health is worth focusing on, NOW.  Hope it all works out.



    How to Tell Your Partner About Your Drug Addiction. Being addicted to drugs can cause problems in our life, our partner’s life, and our relationship. Will our loved one ever choose us over drugs or alcohol?Frown



    This is very useful information on mental recovery. Couple of months ago while searching on internet, came to know about suboxone treatment Virginia which is offering good results for addiction problem. Took treatment and got amazing results.

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