Family Guide to Mental Health

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    Hi all, My father had been addicted to weed and alcohol for more than 6 years and this had affected his brain functionality, but still he is refusing to quit this habit. We had tried our best to convince him, but of no use. His doctor suggested to join him in an addiction treatment center in Calgary ( ). But as I’m concerned about his health condition, I’m little confused. Whether a rehab center provide extra care for the person with health issues? Does anyone have such experience? Please share your experience.


    Stuart C

    Did you get the info you needed? IF you want a broader look at how rehab or addiction treatment works, you might want to check out the CAMH website (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health).  They have tons of info and materials for families and while its in Ontario, their approach might lead you to ask questions of this treatment facility in Alberta.  AND the folks in Alberta might have different options for treatment that might fit better.  I think a key issue is whether the alcohol and weed is filling in a hole that your family member does not want to address or accept straight – and the rehab process will help them look at that with some coaching and support.  

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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