Family Guide to Mental Health

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The Family Guide to Mental Health Recovery can be used to introduce Educators and Students to key aspects of the family experience in mental health recovery. 

Content focuses on the family journey – from onset, to care & recovery, personal reaction, community interaction, self care and finding balance.

Family Guide educational resources include documentary film & interviews, extensive text resources and community interaction through forums, blogs and profiles. This web page will provide you with an introduction to each of the main content resources available on our Family Guide website and its relevance for use in the Classroom.


For an easy to use content guide designed for EDUCATIONAL USE in SCHOOLS & CLASSROOM settings, please view our Educator and Student USER Guide below. Our EDUCATOR USER GUIDE is targeted to a range of classroom uses – ranging from younger students aged 12 to 18 years, to more sophisticated students 18+ in general and practitioner-focused programs.

Bound hard-copies or PDF’s of our USER Guide can be ordered from us as well, by emailing us at

Try this link for a printable version of our USER GUIDE.

Below is a summary introduction to each of the main educational content resources available on our Family Guide website:


Our Film & Video Gallery offers Educators & Students a range of “MINI Documentary Video Clips” of 6 to 10 minutes that focus on one aspect of the family journey – from onset, seeking care, understanding and facing the situation, stigma, opening up the conversation, care & recovery, self care for families, turning points and returning to balance.

Our feature documentary film “The Journey Home” can be used for group screenings and older audiences who would like longer viewing sessions.  The film is hosted on our site in 3 x 25-minute installments.   Additional clips and single family member perspectives are housed in our “Family Interview” Gallery.

Each VIDEO element is focused on real families and family support practitioners that share their lived experiences, learning and insight. They bring us key aspects facing any family and are great conversation starters to help audiences feel less inhibited about bringing us their own experiences, once they’ve heard from others on screen.


For advanced research for High School students, undergraduate University and College students and professional practitioner training, our TEXT RESOURCES in our “Information and Resources” section provides a range of text materials,  organized into five subject headings:

> Defining Mental Health and Illness
> Mental Health Conditions
> Family Support Resources
> Family Stories in Text
> The Road to Recovery for Families

Each section has multiple text articles ranging from 20-30 page book excerpts to essays and powerpoint presentations from support organizations who have contributed family support materials for your viewing. We have also published personal submissions from family members who share their life’s journey and guidance for families.

Our materials offer Educators & Students with a wide range of information, life journeys and perspectives that can provide insight into mental health conditions, family recovery and the experience of family members.   We also provide links to Canadian, US, European and International online resources for further research.  This can provide useful resources for deeper research, based on specific interests or geographic location.


Schools, classes, students or teachers can sign up for a FREE MEMBERSHIP and share their thoughts and work with the world – on the Family Guide Website.

Membership allows you or your organization to have your own Profile Page.  You can POST text and blog, you can upload text documents or presentations or even video or audio. You can also post in all of our ONLINE FORUMS.   This could be a great PROJECT SPACE for students and educators to share their thoughts online and connect with other students and families around the world.   Class or School Memberships are probably best suited to situations where there will be a facilitator/moderator.


If you want to have an easy intro to the Family Guide project for students, teachers or counsellors – you can purchase our packs of INTRO POSTCARDS. They introduce the project visually, have our URL and are easy for kids to see, touch and pass along to their parents, if for example, you think our resource could be a relevant tool for the family. Postcards are also easily passed along to groups of teachers or counsellors and can be more effective than emails. Family Guide Postcard packs are pennies per piece and can be purchased at low cost. We can potentially custom print for your Board of Education, School or District with your logos as well.

“THE JOURNEY HOME” DVD is our feature documentary film with bonus video material.  FOR GROUP SCREENINGS, our DVD is the most reliable SCREENING format, particularly if you are projecting the film on a large screen or want to watch the whole film uninterrupted.  The DVD contains BONUS VIDEO Material and  you cano watch chapters individually.  The DVD can introduce the project to Teachers and Guidance Counsellors in a very physical way – capturing their attention more seriously than a simple link to our site.  To PURCHASE DVD’s, CLICK HERE!


The Mission Media Company has worked with School Boards to deliver IN-SCHOOL Mental Health Education, Anti-Stigma programs and School Assemblies to help them illuminate key themes in Mental Health Awareness.

We have created custom presentations for small groups, classes, workshops, and even “show” type presentations for 300-400 size auditorium assemblies.

Our presentations include speakers, video clips and group activities.  We can also invite family members & family practitioners to participate and present as well as film-maker Stuart Clarfield.  We are happy to work with you to create a presentation, run a class or deliver an assembly that will deliver the results you want for a target group of students, educators or counsellors.  Please email us at with inquiries or questions.

References are available.


The Family Guide to Mental Health Recovery has been used in courses in Social Work by over 6000 undergraduate students in 60 universities in 60 countries worldwide, through our collaboration with the University of Toronto Ipperwash School of Social Work.  We are happy to provide your course with licensed Video clips and support material if you want to incorporate them directly into course material to help illuminate the Family Experience in mental health recovery.  Please email us at with inquiries or questions.