Family Guide to Mental Health

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The Mission Media Company was founded on a desire to explore the issues and experiences that make up modern life and to give voice to insight, understanding, passion and humanity. We are a media production company that learns and teaches, using broadcast and interactive media to better see, hear, think and share. We are international, we have a range of skill, talent and experience – and we work together on projects we deeply care about.

The Mission Media Company Inc. is the Producer of “The Family Guide to Mental Health Recovery” and is led by Executive Producer, Stuart Clarfield. Stuart has worked with many distinguished artists such as Norman Jewison, Oscar Peterson, John Candy, Don Cherry, Bruce Cockburn and RUSH and major entertainment & broadcast companies including IMAX, Warner Brothers, Paramaount Television, CBC, TMN/Astral Media, TVO & CITY TV.

The Mission Media Company brings a passionate dedication to this valuable resource for families – because we are not only film-makers but we too are members of families who have faced mental health challenges! We have made the journey and want to do everything we can to make the journey easier for other families.

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