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Supporting The Family Guide to Mental Health Recovery Project

The only reason The Family Guide to Mental Health Recovery exists, is through the generous contributions of many. The family members who stepped forward to share their stories and perspectives; the film crew members who donated their services or worked for a pittance to help us, the design crew for the website, Vivid Design who helped build our site and the months, and years of dedicated effort of The Mission Media Company.

And of course there are more supporters. FAME is our family health support expert advisor and project sponsor, our Advisory Committee helped develop the project and introduced it to participating family members and dedicated supporters and sponsors who KNEW how important this kind of family-to-family connection could be to countless families contributed to production. We thank you all.

We are now launching the website and just beginning the work of presenting content for families locally and around the world.

If you’d like to help us – please do!
There are many ways you can join in:

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“Family Guide” Online Community Membership:
By joining us and becoming a member, you can become an active member of building The Family Guide to Mental Health website. You can contribute or start a FORUM; you can create and build a personal profile “Blog” page, including ability to upload files. You can connect with other family members and help us build a global community. If you choose to stay a member beyond our free membership, you will provide us with support to help us keep the site hosted, curated and hopefully to produce additional material and undertake outreach into the community here and beyond.
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Support us with a sponsor contribution using PayPal
If you would like to make a direct sponsorship of The Family Guide, you will help us build the project and reach hundreds and thousands of families through outreach efforts.

We need shoot additional interviews, expand to shooting interviews with families and practitioners in their own languages – like French and Arabic and Spanish for starters.
We would like to provide DVD samples for organizations to hold screenings for groups in education, healthcare and in the workplace. We would like to create text materials for educators and practitioners. We would like to keep actively building and curating the site. In order to do so we need funding support! A personal or organizational sponsorship at any amount is greatly appreciated. YOU CAN HELP US MAKE IT HAPPEN!
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If you are interested in becoming a LEAD CORPORATE or FOUNDATION or FAMILY SPONSOR, please email us at: to discuss sponsorship options.

And just sharing the word about us helps too.
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Project Supporters:

Created and Produced by The Mission Media Company Inc.

Health Care Organizational Sponsor:
FAME Family Association for Mental Health Everywhere

Project Sponsors:
RBC Foundation
The Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund
The Gold Family / Aboveground Art Supplies
Heather Turnbull & Family

Project Advisory Group:
Christine Cooper – Executive Director, FAME
Karyn Baker – Executive Director, FOR (Family Outreach and Response)
Dr. Maria Kokai – Chief Psychologist, Toronto Catholic District School Board
Dr. Fred Harris – MD, Family Therapist, Instructor Family & Community Medicine, U of T
Brian MacKinnon – Community Development, “Alternatives” East York Mental Health
Branka Agic – Manager, Health Equity, CAMH
Dr. Robert Hicks – Psychiatrist, in Memoriam
Karen Liberman – Mental Health Advisor, Retired CEO Mood Disorders Association of Ontario

Special Thank You to:

Christine Cooper and the staff at FAME
Mary Alberti and the staff of the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario
Kim Umbach and the staff at Mood Disorders Association of Ontario
The ‘Radio and Television Arts’ community at Ryerson University
Dr. Elyse Dubo, Sunnybrook Hospital, Mental Health Division

Participants, Crew, Sponsors and Supporters

Corrine Humphreys
Terry Lee Marttinen
Rrana Narayan
Safra Farouqe
Ellie Munn, MSW
Andrew Hunter
Adam Stevenson
Liana Clements
Beth Gahagan
Josh Henderson
David Cho
Alex Shutsa
Danica Brown
Jane McNulty
Sabrina Baker
Asante Haughton
Sean Hill
Paul Longo

Alana Richman
Jennifer Dunham
Megan Mucignat
Nadine Phillips
James Weber
Heather Turnbull
Jayde & Darcy Mohr
The Arts & Letters Club
Michelle Bake-Murphy
Christina Byrnes
Brian Stanton & ‘No Surrender’
John Liriano & family
Delta Ottawa City Centre Hotel

Fred Gold
Hermann Leiningen
Scott & Barbara Macpherson
Chelsea Conway
Paula Phillips Boyce
Tyler Workman
Karen Gray

Jessica Weiser, Phd
Fiona McKeown
Basman Smith LLP
Carolyn Malloch
Steve Theobald
Joe Ganetakos
Hunter Molnar
Colleen Cowman, Phd
Kristine Anderson
Andrew N Smith
D.R. Widder
Wendy Wise
Dr. Oren Amitay
Bethany Gahagan
Sue Dexter
Marilyn Weiss
Joyce Santamaura
Kristi Turnbull
Marissa MacClary
Noam Muscovitch
Nancy Domenichelli
Randa Boileau
Sue Regier
Natalie Shapiro
Bruce “BTrain” Weber