Family Guide to Mental Health

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the road to recovery for families

The process and definition we call “recovery” means many things, to different people.

In this section we will include text and stories that reflect a journey out of sickness and despair and toward something that provides hope, resources, support, acceptance and wellness.

It is not about assured “fixes” or returning to the state before illness occurred.
Mental health and illness is not that simple. What we can do is present you with stories and journeys from real people, who have experiences and perspectives they want to share with you. We hope you will gain insight, confidence and a deeper understanding from the things they have gone through, to help your family on your own road to recovery.

Supporting Families – the 4 C’s, the 7 A’s
by Christine Cooper / FAME Family Association for Mental Health Everywhere

The Recovery Approach to Mental Wellness: Wellness Recovery Planning &
Caring For The Caregiver
by Karyn Baker / FOR Family Outreach & Response Program

My Schizophrenic Life: The Road to Recovery From Mental Illness
by Sandra Yuen MacKay

What A Life Can Be: One Therapist’s Take on Schizo-affective Disorder
The Six A’s of Self Help
by Carolyn Dobbins PhD.

Promoting Recovery from First Episode Psychosis; A guide for families
by Sabrina Baker MSW/RSW and Lisa Martens, MSW/RSW

Growing Up With A Parent with Mental Health Difficulties
New Narratives for Parents with Mental Health Difficulties
by Ruth Pluznick and Natasha Kis-Sines, Oolagen Community Services

Family Guide Interview:  Sabrina Baker – Family Social Worker
An in-depth interview with Sabrina Baker on insight and wisdom on positive steps to wellness and recovery she’s observed and learned from families.

On World Suicide Prevention Day – Some Thoughts From A Family Member
By Nilam Chhetri .