Family Guide to Mental Health


We are pleased to introduce you to our Team:

The Family Guide to Mental Health Recovery was created and produced by The Mission Media Company Inc. Toronto, Canada

Our Creative & Production team and “The Journey Home” feature documentary is led by:

Producer/Director/Editor/Family member: Stuart Clarfield

Family interviews and our feature length documentary “The Journey Home” were produced with the support of the following key crew members:

Directors of Photography Joshua Henderson / Rich Williamson
2nd Unit Camera J. Larry Carey
Production Coordinator Megan Mucignat

The Family Guide Website was produced by:

Executive Producer
& Design Director Stuart Clarfield

Web Site Built by Vivid Design:
Creative Director Duygu Basmaci
Architect & Programmer Norman Valdez

Interactive Producers Alex Shutsa, Christina Byrnes

Graphic Designers:

Jennifer Dunham
Dennis Lieu
Neal Halverson
Caro Ibrahim
Adam Brace

Project Sponsors & Advisors

The Family Guide to Mental Health Recovery project was produced with the support of our healthcare organization sponsor; “FAME” (Family Association for Mental Health Everywhere).

FAME’s belief in the project, encouragement, patience and support was one of the key reasons we stuck with it, when so many other potential supporters wouldn’t step up for us. FAME, particularly Executive Director Christine Cooper, never lost a belief in the project and support for what we were trying to accomplish. We thank them for it.

Along the way, there have been many others supporters who helped us:

Our Project Advisory Group includes:

Christine Cooper Executive Director, FAME
Karyn Baker Executive Director, FOR (Family Outreach and Response)
Dr. Maria Kokai Chief Psychologist, Toronto Catholic District School Board
Dr. Fred Harris MD, Family Therapist, Instructor Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto
Brian MacKinnon Community Development, “Alternatives” East York Mental Health
Branka Agic Manager, Health Equity, CAMH
Dr. Robert Hicks Psychiatrist, in Memoriam
Karen Liberman Mental Health Advisor, Retired CEO, Mood Disorders Association

Colleagues, friends and family stepped up to help as well. Without their efforts, their encouragement and financial contribution, we just couldn’t have done it.

A few that stand out include;

Alana Richman
Fred Gold
Heather Turnbull
Hermann Leiningen
James Weber
David McGroarty & Marco Bresba

And to all of you reading this! The site was built to support you, your families and those you care about. We hope you enjoy it and share it.

Please see our List of Participants, Crew & Supporters in the SUPPORT US section (CLICK HERE!).