Family Guide to Mental Health

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family support resources: by region

The following list of support resources offers an introduction to organizations that provide a wide range of information. They are a mix of online-only resources, grassroots local organizations with in-person family support services, and a sampling of major health care organizations that provide extensive services in their catchment area. We hope this will help you open new doors of support & knowledge.


Our Project Sponsor, FAME provides support to families coping with a mental health condition, with particular focus on ALL family members. They have a range of regional offices in the Toronto region and are building partnerships for programs further afield.
The Mood Disorders Association provides support to individuals and families experiencing mental health challenges with a focus on depression, anxiety and bipolar disorders.
The Schizophrenia Society of Canada and locally in Ontario provide support to individuals and families coping with schizophrenia. There are also various provincial and international options for the Schizophrenia Society.
ConnexOntario maintains the most comprehensive drug, alcohol, problem gambling, and mental health services database in Ontario and can respond to a full range of requests for information on available services in your area, in multiple formats.
The Canadian Mental Health Association has local, provincial and national offices, to support individuals and families facing mental health conditions. Each office can provide unique services and resources. Please visit their sites and contact their offices to see what is available in your area. In Ontario visit: is an innovative Internet resource for youth who are looking for relevant information on mental health and creative stress management.
The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto is a major health provider and research center. Their website will provide extensive information on their services for Toronto and Ontario local individuals but for those just visiting them online – they have educational webinars that introduce a number of conditions to those just starting to learn. Education Course Webinars (See web courses such as “Mental Health and Addiction 101″ (CMHA: Your Education – Your Future)
A guide to college and university; for students with psychiatric disabilities developed by the Canadian Mental Health Association. This resource covers stressful aspects of college and university, including: deciding if it’s right for you; choosing your course load; whether to disclose your illness; academic accommodations; and managing your illness day-to-day.
Formerly known as the Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation. Healthy Minds Canada provides research funding and support for a range of mental health initiatives and has created outstanding educational tools for practitioners, parents and teachers. a link to “When Something’s Wrong” handbooks for Parents and Teachers – to better recognize a developing mental health condition.

Family outreach and response program
Recovery-oriented mental health support services for families in Toronto.
Research prescription drugs to see what side effects have been reported in the 4.8 million reports submitted to the FDA, Health Canada, and RxISK. One of the few global resources undertaking research and reporting on wide use of pharmaceuticals.
This is a regional organization that presents the NAMI (US) family programs in Ontario.
Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
A non-profit organization working to minimize the harm associated with the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
Internet Mental Health
A “free encyclopedia of mental health information”, maintained in Canada, this site contains extensive information and links related to conditions and mental health research.
Mental Health Information for College Students
Mental health is a growing concern on today’s college campuses. Learn about the various mental health challenges facing college students, the support and counselling resources available to them, and practical measures and coping strategies to help students overcome behavioral, emotional, and psychological obstacles.
This site provides access to resources provided by the Government of Canada, in association with leading Canadian health organizations and health information providers. Search the index or see the Mental Health section. This link will lead you to the Mental Health Promotion section.
Canadian Psychiatric Association
The national voluntary professional association for psychiatrists in Canada. This site links to CPA publications, programs and resources. – College Student Mental Health guide:
A comprehensive guide to help college students identify common mental health disorders, their warning signs, how to manage them and when to seek treatment.  A very clear and practical guide for not only College students, but EVERYONE!
bp CANADA Magazine
A Canadian magazine that offers hope and harmony for people with bipolar disorder.
The magazine is produced by the same publisher as Schizophrenia Digest magazine.
Moods Magazine
This publication desires to fill the many gaps in knowledge and awareness of mood disorders for both individuals and in workplaces.